pmr446 mobile

Midland GB1 PMR446 Mobile
(Export version 5 watts)

Here in Cyprus PMR446 is a 16 channel license free radio system in line with the European Union Standard. It is well used especially in the cities and tourist areas by hotel staff, doormen at nightclubs, small boats and tourists both on foot and mobile.

In the homebase I use an AnyTone AT588 and UHF Collinear homebase antenna and a Baofeng UV-B5 as my handheld. In the car I have a Midland GB1 PMR446 Mobile with its attached mag mount antenna. I monitor Channel 8 with no CTCSS.

If you are in the Paphos area give me a call.  


ECC/DEC/(05)12 - European law covering Digital PMR446 Radios

ECC ERC 98 (25) - Harmonised frequency band for PMR446 Analogue Radios


Although in the UK and other countries PMR446 is used as an unofficial UHF CB radio system, in Cyprus it is generally used as it was intended, as a short range means of communication because in Cyprus CB radio never took hold. In addition to the legal 500 mw handhelds some users use imported Chinese handhelds programmed up for the PMR446 frequencies and running 4 or 5 watts.

Channel 08 CTCSS 08 (88.5Hz TX only) is the International DX Calling Channel (No CTCSS on receive)

pmr446 handheld


Channel 01 - 446.00625 MHz
Channel 02 - 446.01875 MHz
Channel 03 - 446.03125 MHz
Channel 04 - 446.04375 MHz
Channel 05 - 446.05625 MHz
Channel 06 - 446.06875 MHz
Channel 07 - 446.08125 MHz
Channel 08 - 446.09375 MHz

Channel 09 - 446,10625 MHz
Channel 10 - 446,11875 MHz
Channel 11 - 446,13125 MHz
Channel 12 - 446.14375 MHz
Channel 13 - 446.15625 MHz
Channel 14 - 446.16875 MHz
Channel 15 - 446.18125 MHz
Channel 16 - 446.19375 MHz

DXing on PMR446


Propagation of radio signals at 446Mhz is generally by line of sight so the higher up you are the further you can reach. In cities and built up areas although the range is much reduced signals can still reach their destination via reflection off of buildings, this is called 'refraction' but in order to get distance (DX) contacts get yourself up onto the top of a mountain or on the roof of a high rise block of flats if in a city.

DX is an old telegraphy code that means long distance. 446MHz, even with just 500mW, can travel long distances from good high locations, and is sometimes helped along by special atmospheric conditions known as 'Tropo' or 'a lift' so there is no reason why we can't enjoy this fascinating aspect of PMR 446. So next time you head for the hills when there's a good lift - take the PMR446 and monitor channel 8,  put out a CQ call giving your callsign and location - you might get some surprising contacts! 500mW ERP during good tropo will easily reach up to 100 km and if you are using modified equipment much further.

You can get information about when enhanced propagation conditions will happen by visiting William Hepburn's excellent site HERE


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