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"Perserverance is necessary to establish perfection, the rude material only receives it fine polish through repeated efforts alone and
Nothing short of indefatigable exertion can  induce the habit of virtue, enlighten the mind and purify the soul.  Masonic ritual.

The Emulation Mentoring system is a generic version of that used by the UGLE District Grand Lodge of Cyprus.
It was created by W.Bro's John Finnie, David Hubbard MBE and Ian McLean and is a comprehensive programme
incorporating the use of a Training Manual, fact sheets and other materials to guide the candidate through the various stages of his Masonic Education. When created in 2007 it was well ahead of it's time and was in use well before other Mentoring Schemes came into operation. It is kept fully up to date and has stood the test of time and as well as in
Cyprus it is also used by several Provinces in UGLE and in Hong Kong.

The purpose of this website is to promote a generic 'de-badged' version of the Mentoring program for use free of charge by any Grand Lodge, Province, District or Lodge which practices Emulation or Taylors Workings.

You may be asked for a username and password to access the materials,
please email : webmaster@cyprus-server.net to obtain this information.

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